Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello! Test Post

Hello everyone!!! Just testing to see if this works since nobody else has posted.

So, what are we swapping first??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to MN Chicken Swap

This blog was created so MN chicken addicts enthusiasts could swap or search for spare birds. This is not a sale board. There is to be no selling on this board AT ALL. 

Please use the following format for subject lines:

SWAP - [# of birds]  [bird type] [gender if known] [pure/mixed] [city/town]
FTGH (Free to good home) - [# of birds]  [bird type] [gender if known] [city/town]
WANTED - [# of birds (OR EGGS)] [bird type] [gender] [city/town]
EGGS AVAILABLE - [# of eggs] [bird type] [pure/mixed] [date available] [city/town]

SWAP - 3 bantam black cochin pullets, pure, Hugo.
FTGH - 1 leghorn rooster, St. Paul.
WANTED - 2 rhode island red pullets, Eagan. 
EGGS AVAILABLE - 20 silkie eggs, pure, available 1/26/09, Milaca.

Please use lables for all posts! Lables should be: 
Breed of bird in post

Happy swapping!