Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to MN Chicken Swap

This blog was created so MN chicken addicts enthusiasts could swap or search for spare birds. This is not a sale board. There is to be no selling on this board AT ALL. 

Please use the following format for subject lines:

SWAP - [# of birds]  [bird type] [gender if known] [pure/mixed] [city/town]
FTGH (Free to good home) - [# of birds]  [bird type] [gender if known] [city/town]
WANTED - [# of birds (OR EGGS)] [bird type] [gender] [city/town]
EGGS AVAILABLE - [# of eggs] [bird type] [pure/mixed] [date available] [city/town]

SWAP - 3 bantam black cochin pullets, pure, Hugo.
FTGH - 1 leghorn rooster, St. Paul.
WANTED - 2 rhode island red pullets, Eagan. 
EGGS AVAILABLE - 20 silkie eggs, pure, available 1/26/09, Milaca.

Please use lables for all posts! Lables should be: 
Breed of bird in post

Happy swapping!